What to do in cases where the semen analyses indices are far from ideal and there is a risk that the existing spermatozoa will not be able to fertilize the oocytes obtained during extraction? Do not give up hope and turn to an alternative method of fertilization – an intracytoplasmic injection of sperm into the oocyte.



What is ICSI procedure?

The embryologist carefully selects the best and most active spermatozoa for oocyte fertilization under a microscope. The tail of the selected spermatozoa is traumatized with the tip of a thin glass needle, and then with its help this immobile sperm is carefully injected into the cytoplasm of the egg.

 In some cases, additional options are used to improve the efficiency of sperm selection for ICSI. The "Victoria" Genetic Reproduction Clinic assess not only the structure and mobility during selection of gametes, but also maturity and readiness for fertilization. Accurate sperm selection not only guarantees high fertilization success, but also has a positive effect on the quality of embryos.

 In general, the permissible sperm count required for ICSI is related to the number of mature oocytes obtained. However, even with the presence of single spermatozoa, the chance to become parents of a baby is quite real.

How safe is ICSI?

Of course, it is safe! The best confirmation of this is the millions of babies who were born to their parents using the ICSI method. Even 20 years ago, such parents could not hope for a successful conception!

There is an opinion that children born via IVF often suffer from various pathologies. The European Association for Human Reproduction (ESHRE) notes that babies born via IVF/ICSI are more likely to have physical disabilities. The reason is not the method, but the prehistory and heredity of the parents that were the cause of their infertility, and can also negatively affect the health of their children. It does not matter how the children were conceived - naturally or with the help of the IVF/ICSI method.

How to choose a fertilization method?

The embryologists and the doctor make the final decision on the method of fertilization after the pick- up procedure of the woman's follicles and the assessment of the quality of the man's ejaculate, which is reported to the couple. Having this important information, specialists together with patients can take into account all the pros and cons and choose the best solution in each individual case to achieve the best result.