Pregnancy Care

It is very important that the mother and the unborn child are under the supervision of specialists for all 9 months. This makes it possible to timely detect and prevent complications that may arise during pregnancy. Pregnancy Care in the “Victoria” clinic is a complex monitoring of the health of the mother and the unborn baby, which begins from the moment pregnancy and lasts for 9 months. A highly qualified team of obstetricians-gynecologists and other specialists of the clinic guard the well-being and peace of mind of our patients.



What are the peculiarities of our pregnancy care program?

Individual Approach

Taking into account the peculiarities and state of health of a pregnant woman, our doctors give all the necessary recommendations regarding the daily regimen, physical activity, nutrition throughout the pregnancy. An individual pregnancy management program will be developed for you, which will help monitor your health and minimize the possibility of deviations from the normal course of pregnancy.

Attention to detail

We are sure that there are no unimportant issues during pregnancy.

Listen to your body and do not postpone a visit to the doctor if something is bothering you.

Dad is always there for you

We know how important the father's support is for the unborn child; therefore, we actively welcome and encourage his presence in classes, consultations and examinations.

Responsible parenting school

At your request, the program can include a variety of preventive and recreational activities to help prepare for any surprises during childbirth, as well as a feeding and newborn care.

What does the pregnancy care package include?

• professional consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist;

• opportunity to undergo clinical and laboratory examinations;

• fetal sonography with an expert level apparatus (the number of ultrasounds is determined individually);

• prenatal screening in the first and the second trimesters;

• comprehensive medical, psychological, informational support;

• paperwork;

• preparation for a healthy and successful childbirth

Pregnancy Care after ART

Pregnancies as a result of the use of assisted reproductive technologies require special attention.

During these programs, the chance of pregnancy with twins is increased. Many women who become pregnant after ART are over 37, when the risk of deviations from the normal course of pregnancy increases. Complications can arise in connection with the disorders that were at the heart of infertility.

Obstetrician-gynecologists of the “Victoria” Clinic have extensive practical experience in managing complicated pregnancies and individually approach. We use only modern diagnostic equipment certified in Ukraine and are fully responsible for the accuracy of the analyses and studies performed.

Are there any differences between ordinary children and children "In Vitro"?

Patients usually ask about that. Therefore, we answer - children conceived and born with the help of assisted reproductive technologies do not differ either in physical or mental abilities from children conceived naturally. They themselves successfully become fathers and mothers.

Our doctors will do their best to make waiting for your baby a wonderful period of your life!